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How to choose the right transformer?
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Transformer is a key component in the process of power transmission and distribution, so how to choose the transformer suitable for our practical application?

First of all, the user should be clear what you choose to do with the transformer, that is, the use, is to be used to boost or buck. To know different uses, the transformer used is different.

Secondly, the number of phases that the user wants to know clearly is the number of single-phase or three-phase.

Third, users should choose the way to cool the transformer according to the environment used by the transformer.

Fourth, according to the actual use of the required transformer and budget, determine the material of the transformer coil, depending on whether it is copper or aluminum wire.

In addition, the selection of transformer rated parameters. Generally it includes rated voltage, rated current, rated capacity and so on.

Above is the Jiangsu Transformer Factory to share the selection of transformers need to consider a few issues, I hope that everyone in the selection of transformers to think carefully, seriously deal with, in order to buy the right transformer.

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