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Advantages and disadvantages of amorphous alloy transformer
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Compared with ordinary transformers, amorphous alloy transformers have the following advantages:

1, low material consumption and low cost. Because of the number of transformer silicon steel sheet, copper wire and the use of winding induction voltage and rated current, rated capacity related windings, amorphous alloy transformer winding capacity reduced, less material consumption, low cost.

2, high efficiency. The loss of copper loss and iron loss of amorphous alloy transformer is more than two times that of winding transformer, so the efficiency is relatively high.

3. Easy to transport and install, amorphous alloy transformer than ordinary transformer capacity and weight lighter, small size, small footprint.

At the same time, there are some problems in the amorphous alloy transformer power system.

1. The short-circuit current of power system increases because of the electrical connection between high and medium voltage winding amorphous alloy transformer, it only has the ability of short-circuit impedance of ordinary double-winding transformer (1 k/1) Times Square, so the three-phase short-circuit current increases significantly in the power system using amorphous alloy transformer.

2, when adjusting, it will cause some difficulties. There are three possible ways to adjust the amorphous alloy transformer due to the electrical contact between the high and medium voltage windings. The first one is to install the position adjusting device of the amorphous alloy transformer winding and the load change respectively. The second is to install additional transformers in high voltage and medium voltage lines. And these three methods are not only difficult to manufacture, uneconomical, and have their drawbacks as well as the impact of operation (such as the third winding voltage), the solution is not ideal.

3, complex winding overvoltage protection. Due to the contact of amorphous alloy transformers with high and medium voltage windings, the insulation level of the windings corresponding to lightning on either side increases sharply, and the amplitude of the overvoltage wave on the other side may exceed the insulation level. In order to avoid this phenomenon, a set of valve arresters must be installed at the outlets of high and medium pressure.

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